2017 Man Cave

2017 Man Cave

Yes, the Serendipity Men’s Bible Study is again sponsoring the “Man Cave”. This is a sale of donated items, with proceeds going to support the hungry and homeless in Citrus County, FL through Nature Coast Ministries, Sanctuary, & Grace House. Below are a few guidelines to help you decide if your donation will help support this great event! The dates for the 2017 Man Cave will be Friday, October 27th & Saturday, October 28th, here at our church. To contribute to the Cave, start saving your items, NOW!

We do need more storage space, so if you have any large area (garage, etc.) that can be used for storage until we do the “Cave”, please do let us know—also let us know about your items and we’ll be glad to pick them up.

Please contact one of the following men: Jim Potts – (352)382-1842; or Bob Powell – (352)503-3977.

Guidelines for donations:

All items must be in usable condition. All motor operated items, power tools, etc., MUST be in working condition (we can’t do repairs). We will accept auto/truck accessories; fishing tackle; boat accessories; recreational vehicles accessories; furniture: outdoor/indoor; small appliances; home & yard equipment; farm equipment; dog/cat travel kennels; fitness equipment; music instruments; garden tools and shop tools. Most sports equipment, i.e. biking, hunting, tennis, etc. We will also accept printers, but no other electronics—No TV’s except flat screens.

Unacceptable items: No golf clubs older than 5 years. Items to be picked up must be known and deemed acceptable – appointments need to be made. (Information on contact numbers are listed above, call for appointment times available.)

Remember to start saving now and selecting those items you wish to donate to the “2017 Man Cave”. We appreciate your support for this community effort.

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