Temporary Church Suspensions

Following information was updated by Donna Munsen on Monday, May 25



The food pantry reopened on Thursday, April 30 even though it was a fifth Thursday (the food pantry is normally closed on the fifth Thursday of a month), but they had obtained some RTE meals and a limited supply of perishables that our community was in dire need of. They are practicing CDC guidelines and use gloves and masks when interacting with those who are driving through under the portico and are operating with a skeleton crew.

Continuing to follow guidelines from the CDC, our elected officials, the Florida Conference of the Methodist Church and our own Church Leadership, First United Methodist Church of Homosassa is suspending all in-person events at least through the month of May and into June (or until further notice).


Church leaders did not come to this decision lightly, but for EVERYBODY’S safety this had to be done. This shut down includes Sunday services, bible study classes, education classes, the thrift store, covenant circles and all meetings and rentals.


Please return here to our website at www.1umc.org or log onto our facebook page often at First United Methodist Church of Homosassa for up to date changes as this entire situation is very fluid and quickly changing.

If you would like a Stephen Minister and/or prayer during this period, please email us at prayerchain@1umc.org or email Donna at 8831admin@1umc.org and she will get back with you as soon as possible or call Pastor Chris directly at 727-432-4814.

Continuing our worship and devotion: While our physical well being is of utmost importance even more so is our spiritual well being. We strongly recommend that you use our church's facebook page for devotionals, sermons, encouraging Bible verse and videos:

Click here for our Facebook page

You Can Help Us: You have always expressed your love for God and for your church through your tithes, gifts, and offerings. During these unprecedented times, we truly are counting on your support. Please help us fulfill all our commitments both in support of staff and the ongoing ministries of our church. You may give by mail in a check to FUMC, 8831 W. Bradshaw St. Homosassa, Florida 34448.

Cleaning: Trustees have taken advantage of this time of the building being empty in order to deep cleanse EVERYTHING in all of the buildings, from curtains to carpets and everything in between as we take every precaution to rid the building of any viruses and/or bacterium.

Please join us as we pray for
a quick resolution to this pandemic,
Donna Munsen, Administrator

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